B-Complex with

Ashwagandha Extract

Count : 60, 90 Capsules

Dosage : 50mg
Frequency : 1-2 Capsules daily


  • Meaningful amounts of standardized Ashwagandha extract for added stress relief
  • Helps metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats
  • Especially important when under stress
  • Vitamin B-Complex provides the body with a source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, Biotin and Folic Acid

The human body needs B-Complex vitamins for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins which is how the body converts food into energy. Each key nutrient found in Vitamin B-Complex plays a unique role in the proper maintenance of metabolic function as well as nutritionally supporting the body during the stresses of everyday life.

Medicinal Ingredients

Each capsule contains:

Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract (Withania somnifera) (root and leaf) (standardized to 8% withanolides) 75mg

Vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) 50 mg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 50 mg

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 50mg

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 50 mg

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 50 mcg

Folic acid (folate) 800 mcg

Calcium d-pantothenate 50 mg

Biotin 50 mcg

Choline (bitartrate) 50 mg

Inositol 50 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Gelatin capsule (gelatin, purified water), rice starch, vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant).

Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Helps form red blood cells. Helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects when taken daily prior to becoming pregnant. Helps normal growth and development. Helps in tissue formation.

Ashwagandha is continually being researched for new uses. Initial studies suggest it may support vitality, anti anxiety, stress relief, panic attacks and chronic fatigue. This is why many people take it for relaxation, natural calm, alleviating mood swings and depression. Studies also show as an antioxidant, it may have the ability to help strengthen the immune system.

As the B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins and are also depleted easily by stress, poor diet, alcohol consumption and smoking, they need to be replenished daily. B Complex with ashwagandha provides a balanced complex of key B vitamins and includes choline and inositol which assist in proper liver function and enhance the absorption of the B vitamins. They also assist in the synthesis of brain chemicals which support mood and nerves, and they are essential for healthy skin, hair, eyes, mouth, and organs.